Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Eccentric Projects - 3 for 1, Garden Cart, Rain Barrel, Food Cart Art

Bonus day! Playing catch up on our eccentric projects, 3 projects instead of 1.

  Garden Cart

Push ze little cart

Hubby made an all purpose cart from an old lawn mower.  This homemade cart has a low center of gravity so it doesn't tip over going up and down our steep hills.  I like it way better than our store bought cart.

Rain Barrel

 I wondered where my garden hook went.

Yes, it's one of those containers.  This 300 gallon IBC container was filled with vegetable oil at one time and dear hubby bought it empty for $65.  He rigged it up to catch rainwater from our roof, then when needed, we use it to fill our pool.  This container is somewhat hidden from sight; even our neighbors can't see it. Whew! Bet they're glad. Yes, it's one big hulking eyesore, but over the long run it will save us some big bucks and is environmentally friendly.  Our well pressure is so low we have to pay someone with a big water truck to haul water for us. 

Food Cart Logo Artwork

Here is one of my projects, a logo in the works, with a watermark, for our son's food cart business, "Happy Puppy".

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