Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Eccentric Projects - Clay Oven

Firing up my pottery wheel and kiln to make a clay oven for our son's food cart.  Pictured in front is version #6, and version #5 is pictured in the background.

My clay oven #6 cracked when I fired it.  It was a small crack, so dear son was able to experiment with it on his food cart.  It worked!  Now I'm going to make another clay oven along with a few modifications.

Clay oven #6 with notes written on it

Dear son is still working on getting permits for his food cart; after 3 months, it should be any day now.

That last permit...will it be today, or will he be required to fill out yet another form?  Nope, still waiting for the permit.  The permit he is waiting for is for a specific location.  He is allowed to set up on private property, as long as he has owner permission. In the meantime, I started clay oven #7.

Just got clay oven #7 off of my pottery wheel, trimmed it, added the door, handle and seal.  The clay is still wet, and I am going to dry it out very slowly this time to minimize cracking.  It will take a few weeks to dry and 2 days to fire, so I'll update this post then.  

Clay Oven #7

Looks like a frustration exclamation, doesn't it?  This is a code for a blog directory, lol.

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